The Entrepreneurship Summit – 2016 was held at Fortune Institute of International Business on 31st January 2015. The day started with an insightful workshop on “Lessons for Indian entrepreneur start-ups” conducted by Anshoo Sharma, Co-founder and CEO, MagicPin. Mr. Sharma shared his views on how should start-up companies prepare for starting up their businesses and presenting them. The participants asked a number of questions about different functional issues related to strategy, marketing, operations, and finance. Mr. Sharma guided the budding entrepreneurs one by one on different perspectives citing suitable examples of the existing model of businesses which are in operational mode. The session was concluded with an encouraging note by Mr. Sharma on risks & benefits of a career in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Founder & CEO, Magic Pin

Mr. Anshoo Sharma is the Co-founder and CEO of MagicPin, a leading discovery platform in India. Prior to this Mr. Sharma was associated with Lightspeed Advisory Services India and has also been with Bain & Company in Boston and New Delhi. Mr. Sharma brings in deep operating and consulting experience in a wide range of industries in India, including education, media, industrials, infrastructure, airlines, and financial services.Mr. Anshoo holds a BS in Computer Science from Delhi University and an MBA from IIM Ahmadabad.