1. What is the process of participation in Meraki?

Stages of the Competition

Stage 1 : Registration

(Last date of registration – 10th December 2017)

For Registration CLICK HERE

Stage 2: Submission of final B-Plan

(Last date of submission – 10th January 2018)

For Submitting your final B-Plan CLICK HERE /Mail to meraki@fiib.edu.in

Stage 3 – Announcement of Top 10 Teams/Finalists

(Tentative date- 1oth January 2018)

For Announcements CLICK HERE

Stage 4 – MERAKI Finals

Presentation of B-Plan by Finalists, Entrepreneurship Conference and Final Prize Distribution

(9th February 2018)

Top 10 teams will be selected for the MERAKI Final Round, and the best 3 Teams would be felicitated.

2. Who are the judges?(2018)

Ans. The judges’ profiles can be viewed at  http://meraki.fiib.edu.in/judging-panel/

3. What’s the prize money? And how is it distributed?

Ans. First Prize is INR 1,50,000

Second Prize is INR 1,00,000

Third Prize is INR 50,000

The prize money is distributed to the teams within 10 days of declaration of the result.  The payment is made by cheque and a declaration is required by all team members for the recipient’s name on the cheque.  If the team has registered a company, the cheque can be made out in that name too.

4. Are there guidelines for the B-Plan documents?

Ans. Refer to the following link for the guideline documents

5. Is there incubation support after the competition?

Ans. Yes, incubation support will be provided by the Fortune Venture Incubator. All top 10 teams qualify for being considered to receive incubation support.

6. Will you pick up travel expenses for the teams presenting in Meraki?

Ans. The hospitality charges for the 2 days during the competition on campus are managed by FIIB; all other travel and stay expenses are picked by qualifying team members.

7. What kinds of teams have won in the past?

Ans. The details of the 12 Winning teams can be viewed at

8. Is the competition only for service and product companies?  Or can social ventures also be included?

Ans. There is equal preference for service and product companies, as well as social ventures, as the Judges focus on the sustainability of the business in the specific context.

9. What is unique about Meraki?

Ans. Real Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors evaluate the B-plans at all stages, which is an advantage for the students as it increases their chances of getting follow-on funding and incubation support.  For names of angels and VC’s associated with Meraki, refer to Link

10. If the idea has already won in a previous B-plan competition, can it still be submitted in Meraki?

Ans. Yes, ideas that have won in previous BPC’s can still be submitted in Meraki.  However, you need to declare this at the time of Registration.

11. Can one team or an individual submit more than one plan/idea?

Ans. No, one individual or team can only submit one plan.

12. I am a working professional. Can I participate in Meraki?

Ans. Yes, if your team includes at least 1 currently registered student member.

13. I am an undergraduate student, can I participate in Meraki?

Ans. Yes, we encourage participation from undergraduates. Many of our past participants are from St. Stephen’s, Gargi, and Bombay University etc.

14. I passed out two years ago and am not working currently, can I participate in Meraki?

Ans. Yes, if your team includes at least 1 currently registered student member.

15. What is the confidentiality arrangement for the plans that are presented in Meraki?

Ans. The NDA is signed by the participating teams and FIIB, which includes standard confidentiality clauses.

The Meraki NDA can be viewed at [link]

16. How many judges are there at each round of the competition?

Ans. There are 4-5 judges at each stage of the BPC.  Judges’ details can be viewed at [link]

17. Is the list of judges for the Business Plan Competition available to the participants?

Ans. The list of judges can be viewed at [link]For 2018, the panel of judges has not been finalized yet.

18. Can I compete two years in a row?

Ans. Yes, you can.  However, it’s encouraged that you submit a new idea/plan, or a significantly re-worked plan to increase your chances of being shortlisted.

19. Is it OK to have a “team” of just one person?

Ans. Yes;  Although like in a real start-up businesses the team constitution has merits with multiple partners, and judges will look-up to that aspect too.

20. Can non-business students enter the competition?

Ans. Yes, students from non-business background can also participate in the competition.

21. Can faculty members be part of a team?

Ans. No, faculty members cannot be part of a team.

22. Can we get more information on the selection process?

Ans. Yes, the information is available on the website: http://meraki.fiib.edu.in/