Meraki 2014

  • The 3rd edition of Meraki was successfully conducted on 17th and 18th January 2014
  • MERAKI (2014) received 125 high-quality business plans
  • MERAKI’S 3rd edition included judges like Alok Mittal (Canaan), Amit Khosla (AsiaBridge), Anshoo Sharma (Lightspeed), Manish Kheterpal (ex Rho, Actis & Providence), Sarbvir Singh (Capital 18) and Vishal Dixit (Zephyr Peacock)
  • MERAKI Top 10 Finalists in 2014 included a wide array of business plans – from solving the problems in Indian agriculture through hydrophonics and organic farming, to solving the last mile delivery issues for the F&B sector, to launching innovative products for health care administration and green transportation.
  • The teams receive valuable advice after a “Dragon’s Den” type grilling from the judges and get an automatic entry in the Fortune Venture Incubator (FVI), an Incubator that provides ground-level hand-holding incubation support required for young ventures
  • During MERAKI, the finalists also get exposure to successful entrepreneurs and investors through the Entrepreneurship Summit organized at FIIB. This year it included a “Go to Market Product Strategy for Young Entrepreneurs” workshop conducted by Ambrish Gupta (Knowlarity) and discussion on “Promoting Entrepreneurship for Inclusive Development in India” where panelists like Ketan Kapoor (Mettl), Jyotika Bhatia (Srujna) and Anshoo Sharma (LightSpeed) shared their experiences.
  • Meraki 2014 Judges
    • Alok Mittal – Managing Director, Canaan India
    • Amit Khosla – Managing Director, AsiaBridge Capital
    • Anshoo Sharma – Principal, Lightspeed Venture Partners
    • Manish Kheterpal – (Ex) Director, Providence Equity Partners
    • Sarbvir Singh – Managing Director, Capital 18
    • Vishal Dixit – Partner, Mayfield Venture

Rs 1,00,000, Rs 75,000 and Rs 60,000 respectively for the first, second and third prize

  • Elixir Biomedical  (D J Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai) – INR 100,000
  • Weddings R’ Us (Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB), Delhi) – INR 75,000
  • Eccentrics (Goa Institute of Management, Goa) – INR 50,000

Aces (Fore School of Management, New Delhi)
Team Members: Arpit Jindal, Ashish Jindal
The venture has launched “” portal targeting the large migrant student population in Delhi/NCR and aims to provide for them safe, secure and affordable home rental options. The online portal has developed a clever revenue model for brokers as well as individual apartment/home owners for listing and renting their properties on this portal.

Eccentrics (Goa Institute of Management, Goa)
Team Members: Ankur Jhunjhunwala, Neetika Kataria, Vedanshu Goel
The venture plans to launch “north-Indian” cuisine highway restaurants (dhabas) in/around Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. The business wants to capitalize on the growing north Indian student and IT sector population in the south Indian cities that craves for an affordable, clean and authentic dhaba food experience. The team has developed a scalable (and profitable) unit economics based model.

Elixir Biomedical (D J Sanghvi College of Engineering)
Team Members: Kevin Shah, Parth Repe, Karthik Hariharan, Gururaj Masali, Mrunal Rane
The venture has plans to launch medical devices for improved health care administration in the private and public sector hospitals in India. The first device that helps administer and monitor saline/blood levels of patients has already done successful trials in hospitals. The team has been able to use value economics to produce non-electronic (and reliable) devices that offer an attractive RoI to hospitals.  The business is already incubated successfully with Collabrant Incubators.

Hash Tag (International Management Institute – IMI, Delhi)
Team Members: Nitika Goel, Apra Chordia
The venture has launched over 10 Android and ioS mobile apps targeted at customer in metros (Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai) for finding parking and for navigation help in these cities. The focus through ‘Parking Scout’ kind of applications is to help solve ‘finding a parking near office, shopping mall’ problem on a dynamic basis in an otherwise unorganized and public/private parking deficient market.

Lost Beat (Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology – NSIT, Delhi)
Team Members: Akshay Pruthi,  Abhay Pruthi, Ashish Goel
Lost Beat is a music-oriented, networking based venture launched to provide a platform for struggling musicians. A Musical Networking Platform, the venture aims at creating as well as strengthening the identity of musicians and eventually associating a brand value to them. The team plans to fulfil its objectives through careful integration of online and offline modules, eventually also playing in the event management market for unorganized music bands.

Mavens (National Institute of Agricultural Marketing, Jaipur)
Team Members: Nazhat Kittur, Shelke Sagar, Bhagvan Das Tyagi
The venture plans to launch a large-scale farm in Rajasthan based on hydrophonics and vertical farming techniques. The plan is to produce a mix of popular (and high-margin) produce like Gerbera, Strawberries etc. The team is trying to play on the demand for high quality, low pesticide based horticulture and floriculture in India, which is being naturally challenged by an ever decreasing amount of agricultural land.

Roadeo (Fortune Institute of International Business – FIIB, Delhi)
Team Members: Dhruv Mahajan, Sugandha Arora
The venture plans to solve the last mile delivery problems for the unorganized F&B, pharmacy players. In its initial phase as a B2B venture, last-mile delivery solutions are being provided for the smaller restaurants, pharmacists on a commission revenue model. In the 2nd phase, the business will also have a web-site to list restaurants and aggregate orders in the B2C domain. The venture has a plan to expand from central/west Delhi to all the large metros in a span of 3-4 years.

Spartans (Army Institute of Technology, Pune)
Team Members: Saurabh Puranik, Manoj Mishra, Rashmi Kahaley
The venture has developed a cheaper and more effective liquid purifier for vegetables, fruits. The product has been tested successfully in a few labs and has proven to be more effective than the popular competitive products in the market. The venture plans to create a scale business with in-house manufacturing and build a national brand capitalizing on the large market of consumers who want to rid their fresh eatables from potential pesticide usage.

Utopia (Jamia Millia & SCIT Pune)
Team members: Jaideep Singh, Anshika Chaudhary, Rajandeep Singh, Anusha
The venture has planned greener, quicker and most economical transportation systems for the last mile in metros like Delhi, Mumbai. The team has launched its first product – a ‘green’ rickshaw that can also be operated by a disabled person and the business model involves working with the municipal corporations and helps generate better employment opportunities for the disabled and existing rickshaw pullers.

Weddings R’ Us (Fortune Institute of International Business – FIIB, Delhi)
Team Members: Tania Ann Koshi
The venture has been launched by a 2nd year student of FIIB while pursuing her PGDM/MBA. She has developed a customized wedding planning business for the middle and upper-middle class wedding market by offering a unique value proposition which includes select partners for different services. In the 2nd phase, Weddings R’ Us will launch dedicated wedding stores in the 4-5 large metros of India along the lines of businesses like Davids Bridal in USA.