• The 6th edition of MERAKI was successfully conducted on 29th and 30sth January 2017
  • MERAKI (2017) received 144 high-quality business plans from various colleges including few international colleges
  • MERAKI’S 6th  edition included judges like Mr. Manish Kheterpal, Partner, WaterBridge Ventures, Mr. Vishal Dixit , Ex-Partner, Mayfield Ventures, Mr. Sarbvir Singh,  Managing Director, J.P. MORGAN, Mr. Anshoo Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO, MagicPin, Mr.Puru Vashistha, Director, Deal4 Loans & Angel Investor
  • MERAKI’S Top 13 Finalists in 2017 included a wide array of business plans based on cloud computing, e-commerce, mobile-based social network application platforms as well as social initiatives, sustainability issues, waste management and many other innovative ideas.
  • The teams received valuable advice and feedback from the top investors and entrepreneurs which helped teams to further plan their business strategically.
  • During MERAKI, the semifinalists and FIIB students got an opportunity to attend an interactive workshop with Mr. Anshoo Sharma, Mr. Anshoo Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO, MagicPin on “Entrepreneurship Summit- Workshop on “Lessons for Indian Entrepreneur Start-ups”
  • Meraki 2017 Judges
    • Amit Khosla, Managing Partner, Catalyst
    • Anshoo Sharma – Co Founder and CEO, MagicPin
    • Ravi Kaushik– Partner,WaterBridge Ventures
    • Manish Kheterpal– Partner, WaterBridge Ventures
    • Puru Vashistha – Indian Market Investor, Deal4loans
    • Sarbvir Singh – Managing Director, J.P. MORGAN
    • Vishal Dixit – Ex-Partner, Mayfield Ventures

Top 3 teams were felicitated with fellowship of Rs 1, 50,000, Rs 1, 00,000 and Rs 50,000 respectively for the first, second and third prize respectively

  • First Prize – Rs 1,50,000
  • Second Prize – Rs 1,00,000
  • Third Prize – Rs ,50,000

Team 1: Trashpath (IIT Bombay, Mumbai)

Team Members: Ashutosh, Kumar Pratik, Ritesh Saurabh, Vishnu Saj

Trashpath develops IOT based smart sensor box. The IOT based technology is a complete solution that automates the planning of waste collection and optimizes the routes.

Team 2: Thereforyou  (Fore School of Management, Delhi)

Team Members: Mayank Bhagchandani , Shreya Srivastava, Esha Sharma           

The team has identified a web portal based one stop solution to the needs of the elderly, such as medication, general emotional and physical wellbeing or mere companionship.

Team 3: Khet Majoor (Symbiosis Center for Management and Human Resource Development (SCMHRD))

Team Members: Chintan Patel  

The objective of the startup is to promote agro-tourism in India by incorporating attraction and adventure in it. The ideology behind this startup is the quest of the general public to spend quality time around nature with elegant and aesthetic hospitality.

Team 4: Baked Beauty (Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Institute of Management Studies, Delhi)

Team Members: Saniya Sarguru

The team has developed an idea of an online bakery to deliver bakery products all over Delhi / NCR.

Team 5: NAARMIANS (ICAR-National Academy of Agricultural Research Management (ICAR-NAARM))

Team Members: SIBIN C BABY    Praveen N Shivalli           

The team developed an idea of a health drink made from the pseudostem of the banana plant.

Team 6: Renowatt Energy (Shankarlal  Agrawal College, Salekasa)

Team Members: Pawan Chapke, Ashish Darekar, Dushyant Warshe                       

The team plans to offer customized LED Lighting Solutions.

Team 7: Helpusgreen (Warick Business School)

Team Members: Karan Rastog, Ankit Agarwal, Vedhansi Bhartia             

Helpusgreen® is an award winning social enterprise that preserves the river Ganges from becoming a religious sewer by flower cycling® the waste from temples/mosques dumped in the river into patented lifestyle products providing livelihoods to 128 Manual Scavenger families in Kanpur, India.

Team 8: Project Sattva    (SRCC, Delhi)

Team Members: Tanvi Singla, Deeksha Pant, Shiv Bansal                             

The Project is aimed to promote scientific cattle rearing practices and value addition to milk at the village level and revive the rural economy by establishing a direct link between village level producers and urban consumers.

Team 9: ANM, (JECRC)

Team Members: Amit modi, Akash jain

The startup idea is to establish a website that will provide a wellness subscription box for women. The wellness subscription box will be an all organic box specially designed to take care of women hygiene during mensuration periods.

Team 10: Knodues (IBS Hyderabad)

Team Members: Sahil Sethi, Saket Bagda            

The team has developed an APP platform which enables users to record expenses, split them with friends, track dues and remind friends for dues

Team 11: Chakra Events   (ILEAD, Kolkata)

Team Members: Siddhant Srivastava & Shresth Murarka             

The plan is about a platform where customers can book event venues according to their needs. The plan also provides venue owners a platform to expand their business as well as for marketing purpose.

Team 12: Food Ladder (FIIB & IMS Ghaziabad)

Team Members: Kumar Chandan, Krittika Sneha

The plan focuses to liberate the strength of aggregation and value addition in the agriculture based ecosystem and bring about social and economic sustainability for the involved communities and help save the environment.

Team 13: Think Tank (Symbiosis Institute of Business Management- Bengaluru)

Team Members: Gaurav Dhainje, Anmol Lakra, Zuber Jinim, Rohan Bharaj

Think turns scrap plastic bottles into Polyester Yarn which can be used to make clothes, jacket, and other products.