Guidelines for of B-plan and Pitch Video Submission

The FIIB’s Annual Business Plan Competition encourages students to explore and express their business ideas. It is open to all  who can compete alone or in teams of up to four.
 All registered teams are required to submit the following on or before 15th October,2023
1. Business plan in Pdf format. 
2. Pitch Video (2 mins)
 The suggestive guidelines are as follows:
1. Executive Summary
2. Business Description
3. Marketing Potential and Marketing Strategy
4. Operations
5. Management Team
6. Financial Plan & Projections (Base case and 1/2 other scenarios (cases) as applicable)
7. Risks & Opportunities
8. Appendix
a. Financial plan supporting materials
b. Industry, market additional materials
Pitch Video Guidelines:

Your 2-minute Pitch Video Zoom link should be submitted to the Meraki official email address by 25th September, 2023. You may use either YouTube or Vimeo as the recording platform. The video should be named according to the following format: Pitch_TeamName.

Guidelines: Pitch Videos must be recorded on either YouTube or Vimeo and limited to a 2-minute presentation. All team members must be present in the video, however, it is up to the team on who participates in delivering the pitch. You may choose to have all members contribute to the presentation, or you may choose to only have one or a few members present. Use your best judgment regarding the best way to present your pitch.

In your Pitch, we expect you to include a description of the following:

  1. The market opportunity being pursued or the problem or issue that you propose to solve
  2. The features of your product, service or proposed solution
  3. The resources and capabilities required to implement your proposed solution or to develop your proposed product or service
  4. The benefits of your product, service or proposed solution
  5. Management team and advisors (if applicable), including their relevant experience and how or why their expertise/experience is valuable to the development of your product, service or proposed solution