Meraki 2018


  • The 7th edition of MERAKI was successfully conducted on  10th February 2018
  • MERAKI (2018) received 219 high-quality business plans from various colleges including few international colleges
  • MERAKI’S 7th  edition included judges like Mr. Manish Kheterpal, Partner, WaterBridge Ventures, Mr. Vishal Dixit, Ex-Partner, Mayfield Ventures, Mr. Sarbvir Singh,  Managing Director, J.P. MORGAN, Mr. Anshoo Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO, MagicPin, Mr.Puru Vashistha, Director, Deal4 Loans & Angel Investor
  • MERAKI’S Top 12 Finalists in 2018 included a wide array of business plans based on cloud computing, food, agriculture, e-commerce, mobile-based social network application platforms as well as social initiatives, sustainability issues, waste management and many other innovative ideas.
  • The teams received valuable advice and feedback from the top investors and entrepreneurs which helped teams to further plan their business strategically.
  • During MERAKI, the semifinalists and FIIB students got an opportunity to attend an interactive workshop with Mr. Anshoo Sharma, Mr. Anshoo Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO, MagicPin on “Entrepreneurship Summit- Workshop on “Lessons for Indian Entrepreneur Start-ups”


  • Amit Khosla, Managing Partner, Catalyst
  • Anshoo Sharma – Co Founder and CEO, MagicPin
  • Ravi Kaushik– Partner,WaterBridge Ventures
  • Manish Kheterpal– Partner, WaterBridge Ventures
  • Puru Vashistha – Indian Market Investor, Deal4loans
  • Sarbvir Singh – Managing Director, J.P. MORGAN
  • Vishal Dixit – Ex-Partner, Mayfield Ventures


  • Top 3 teams were felicitated with the fellowship of Rs 1, 50,000, Rs 1, 00,000 and Rs 50,000 respectively for the first, second and third prize respectively


  • Winner: Abhivyakti, Dharmesh Goyals, IMT Ghaziabad
  • 1st Runner Up: Cynotech(Spirulina), Kumar Anadi Anant , Pondicherry University
  • 2nd Runner Up : Project Rahat , Poorvi Gupta (Team Lead) , Shaheed Sukhdev Singh College of Business Studies

Top 12 Teams

Team- Feilcity
College/Institution: Fortune Institute of International Business
Team Members: Prateek Prakash, Shivani Sharma, Swati Mohan, Vartika Singh, Yashveer Singh
Industry/ Sector: Mental Health
B-Plan Description: Depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. The idea is to sensitize people on mental health of depressed women and thereby establishing a strong position for them in the society.

Team- Roots
College/Institution: Fortune Institute of International Business
Team Members: Kamal Khandelwal, Divy Rakesh, Harshdeep Parmer
Industry/ Sector: Agriculture Technology
B-Plan Description: Roots is an organic Agro based company providing high quality products at affordable pricing using advanced farming techniques such as Hydroponics & Aeroponics.

Team- GTruck
College/Institution: SRM University
Team Members: Ankur Kishore, Chetan Kumar Gupta, Ankit Kishore, Pankaj Joshi, Vishal Nag, Abhishek Bharadwaj
Industry/ Sector: Truck Aggregator
B-Plan Description: GTruck is online truck booking portal offering transportation services for all over India with remarkable customer satisfaction. We are providing services on short and long route both as well. GTruck currently provide service from Delhi and NCR to all over India. Customers are using booking portal for short route and for long route bookings. For short route GTruck provide Mahindra champion to 14feet truck within Delhi and Gurgaon and for long route is carryit. GTruck offer all types of truck for fulfill customer’s needs by providing best vehicles on reasonable rate.

Team– Spirulina
College/Institution: Pondicherry university
Team Members: Kumar Anadi Anant, Sachin Baid, Priyanka Chauhan
Industry/ Sector: Food & Nutrition
B-Plan Description: The founders have started step towards the integration of algae with the daily traditional food like milk powder, roti dal chapati , shapmu , chocolate, energy bar here in Pondicherry University Food Tech Lab. In 1947, when the India got the independence and celebrates that time only World Health Organization, state that the algae become the super food for the future, just after that many countries adopt the same and add that in daily life schedule. Their plan is to integrate the same with the Indian traditional food which definitely work toincrease the nutrition of every 2nd Indian citizen who is affected with anemia.

Team– Abhivyakti
College/Institution: IMT Ghaziabad
Team Members: Dharmesh Goyal
Industry/ Sector: Food & Nutrition / Snack
B-Plan Description: Women’s of our country are suffering from health issues such as anxiety, depression, mental fatigue to work-life conflicts and hectic lifestyle. Moreover cases of heart attack are also increasing among women day by day.Kidney beans based product will reduce the health issues, provide nutrition and reduce cholesterol. Our idea is to provide a health and wellness savory snacks and bread spread based on key ingredient Kidney Beans which is full of nutrition. Total market for healthy snacks will reach to INR 3500 Cr and healthy spread in INR 900 Cr in five years, Which gives a huge opportunity.

Team- Wishfie
College/Institution: Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology
Team Members: Durgesh Kaushik, Akshay Purthi, Anurag Dalia, Rajdeep Singh
Industry/ Sector: Social Media Platform ( Machine Learning)
B-Plan Description: Wishfie is a social video platform that makes it simple for people to come together and share their opinions on anything that matters to them, with just their mobile camera.

Team- Achievers
College/Institution: Meerut Institute Of Engineering And Technology
Team Members: Vidit Agarwal, Charchit Sharma
Industry/ Sector: Food & Nutrition

B-Plan Description: The adulteration and impurity of liquid diet we have in daily life has become one of the major issues. Whether its milk we drink or any other liquid diet we consume in our daily life, we are not sure if it’s up to the food safety standards or not. Here this product comes their Idea is to create a pocket held device to test the purity level of any liquid. It will be an electronic device not available in the market yet and can make you aware of what you are drinking in a very handy and easily operable manner.

Team– Manram
College/Institution: Institute of Rural Management, Anand
Team Members: Vishnu Harikumar, Vijaya Kumar K, Anandu J, Ajmal Muhammad, Raphael Mathew
Industry/ Sector: Social Entrepreneurship
B-Plan Description: The social impact that millet processing and value addition will create is the ultimate aim behind this project, as this project will help in reducing groundwater depletion by promoting millets, the nature’s gift to farmers and also will help in reducing the infant mortality rate among tribal farmers(a study states that ever since the millet consumption and cultivation among the tribal parts of attapady reduced, the infant mortality increased. The idea is not just to provide a gluten free, protein rich and healthy food to the health seeking consumers but also to incentivize farmers to produce the God’s own crop

Team- Project Virasat
College/Institution: Shri Ram College of Commerce
Team Members: Deeksha Narendra Kumar, Mudita Bansal, Raghav Jhawar
Industry/ Sector: Social Entrepreneurship
B-Plan Description: Project Virasat, Molding Vessels of Hope, aims to revive the dying craft form of the Thatheras of Jandiala Guru, Punjab who make copper and brass utensils; modifying the design as per the contemporary needs without compromising on their traditional art. They sell handmade brass tea sets, handis, candle stands,flower vases, clocks made from parats, double-sided clocks, bathroom sets. They also use designers to modernize the art form, and help make products that are both aesthetically appealing and suit modern-day tastes. They also sell our products on websites such as Its handmade, The Indian Craft House, Souvenir & so on. Design, Development and Training: The Thatheras are then trained the basic designing skills of our modern wide product range without compromising on their craft skills, strengthening our supply side.

Team- Project Raahat
College/Institution: Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies
Team Members: Purvi Gupta, Kanika Rustogi, Roopak Kapoor, Oshank Jain, Yash Dhawan
Industry/ Sector: Social Entrepreneurship
B-Plan Description: Model Raahat as a project which is developed with a mission to eradicate open defecation and provide safe sanitation in urban slum communities through means of innovation in management of community toilet complexes and sensitizing people on good sanitary practices. Their unique selling proposition is that they do not just focus on operations and maintenance of the complexes under our wing, they also focus on aesthetic modification of said complexes (Popular Bollywood dialogues, political slogans and cartoon related statements are used along with concepts of color psychology to change the perceptions and mindsets of people regarding open defecation and sanitation.

Team- I-Upaay
College/Institution: Techno India University
Team Members: Atulona Datta & Kamran Murad
Industry/ Sector: Energy Saving
B-Plan Description: What if the long tiresome journeys of truck-drivers allow them endless music, allowing the truck owners to do limitless charging of the speakers and his phone. When you forget your phone & you can recharge the battery at Rs.0 , the indoor lighting in buses comes free of cost , Everything that will be needed to charge your phone at a camping station is to light a fire. , you can charge up your emergency device in calamities and disasters with the help of any hot object, and the electric lines will be snapped off. Here we present , The THERMOS ENERGIA , The electricity without bills.

Team- Attrum
College/Institution: Fore School of Management
Team Members: Bharat Natani and Aditya Jain
Industry/ Sector: Ecommerce
B-Plan Description: The B-plan is for the company named Attrum Global Pvt. Ltd. It was started in 2016 with a dream to integrate the entire unorganized jewelery sector of the country. The company is a 100% export oriented unit and is expected to achieve a top line of 40,000 USD. The business model is both B2B and B2C in nature with online as well as offline channels. Currently, it needs funds for acceleration to achieve what it dreams of.